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Christmas in October - Oct 5

Into the Red - Kelly Whitley

 Human blood is an illicit and highly addictive drug--if you're a vampire. Known as Red, its side effects are insanity, and eventual death. A group of Red-addicted vampires known as Poisoners are killing women as part of an extortion plot involving a lost ancient vampiric tome, and they’re leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. The discovery of each new victim risks exposure of the entire vampire race to humans. Then one victim survives…
Dr. Evan Nichols, oncologist and vampire, lives a monk-like existence, by his own choice, focusing on patient care and research to benefit his vampire brethren. It’s been twenty-five years since his world turned upside down—the night he lost his fiancee and discovered his hidden vampire heritage. Now his government has ordered him to take a mate—or they’ll choose one for him. It’s a horrible prospect, and one that might push him over the edge—until Fate throws him together with a human female.
Wary of relationships, Tara West has poured her energies into work and inventing cutting edge climbing equipment. She doesn’t like the gorgeous Dr. Nichols, yet finds herself unaccountably drawn to him.
When a crazed vampire attacks and poisons Tara, Evan rescues her. With time running out, he has to create an antidote to the poison before he loses his chance at love.
In order to make the vaccine which might cure her, he has to find the bastards who poisoned her and take their venom—before they die of their addiction. If he doesn’t reach them in time, saving her will be impossible.
Thus the journey begins—into the Red! 


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Dr. Von Thistle's Curious Concoction - K. G. Wehner
 It’s October 1958. Eleven-year-old Amy wakes from a nightmare with the constant sound of pounding drums in her head. Her cousin Tracy hears them, too. They are the only ones who can.

When famed scientist Dr. Sven Von Thistle arrives on the evening of their mothers’ annual gala, the drumming mysteriously stops. There’s something sinister about the mystery potion Dr. Von Thistle carries in his trench coat pocket. Amy fears he wants to kidnap them. Tracy thinks she’s making a big deal out of nothing. What would a famous scientist want with ordinary ol’ them?

But Amy and Tracy are anything but ordinary. The girls are gifted with special skills, including higher-than-average intelligence, and they can read each other’s minds.

Amy’s nightmare seems to be coming true after all. Can they escape the evil scientist once and for all, or 

might they be trapped in different time periods separated from each other forever?

Author’s Note:
When my sister and I were four and five respectively, we morphed into characters we named Amy and Tracy, even invented their history. Thanks to our mother allowing us to watch a movie where a person is swallowed by quicksand, Tracy’s mother met the same fate. Amy’s mother died from a heart attack walking in a forest. The motherless girls were sent to an orphanage and adopted by abusive parents. Finally, after being returned to the orphanage for noncompliance, both girls found a home with two rich sisters who lived together in a mansion. (Years later my mother admitted feeling concerned that we killed off our characters’ mothers and pretended that their adopted mothers treated them cruelly. She was relieved to know we didn’t need therapy.)
Since my sister and I were not up on American history as youngsters, we placed Amy and Tracy in the 1400’s, living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (much to my Cousin Helen’s amusement). Their fathers were Vikings, we decided. That’s why they were never around. (No wonder their mothers were rich…all the pilfered gold and jewels!)
Of course, when I wrote my book many years later, I had to be historically accurate. I decided to use the year 1958. That way the characters could travel back or forward in time, and I could sneak a little history into the storyline. Other than that, I tried to keep the story as organic and honest to our childhood stories as possible.
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The Mountain City Bronzes - Madeleine McLaughlin

 How far will a community go to protect the safety of its children when they start to disappear? 

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Twin Flames Soul Bound - Alix Richards

In an effort to escape the reality that steps from the deepest recesses of her mind, Joy runs away for a long weekend alone in a friend’s cabin. She hopes to use the time to gain a logical perspective on an impossible situation.
Joy lives in her dreams, but no longer lives there alone.
Jairo needs Joy to be happy, even if it comes at his expense. Forced to remain patient, he walks away from the woman of his heart and soul. He confines himself to his family’s cabin to give Joy the time alone she requests.
Dreaming with Joy isn’t new, but waking with her physically in his arms, sexy and wet, kicks Jairo’s desire for her into a new stratosphere.
            Confusing dreams and unexplainable reality drops them into attack mode, neither quite ready for what destiny pushes their way. As nature and destiny collide for both, Joy and Jairo, nothing will be the same.

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Ribbons of Moonlight - Rebecca L. Frencl

Emma Sanders:

She’s a damsel in distress—a 20th century miss dragged back to the 18th with no way home and no idea how she got there in the first place.

Connor MacAllister Kane:

He’s the reason she’s in distress--a British highwayman, and a minor noble with
not much more to his name than a title and a Robin Hood-like charm who robs the wrong coach.
Now, Captain Nelson Rawlins of His Majesty’s Royal Dragoons, a former childhood friend of Connor’s who sacrificed friendship for duty is on the hunt for the Highwayman and traitors to the crown. The longer Emma stays in Connor’s time, the more she’s drawn to him and drawn into his troubles. She and Connor find themselves struggling to stay one step ahead of the Captain and his corrupt Commander and keep Connor and his roguish cousins from the hangman’s noose. As the Commander’s grip on the countryside tightens, the people need Connor even more, but Rawlins is hot on his trail and there’s a traitor in their midst. Can Emma use her twentieth century wits to keep both Connor and her heart safe?

       I'm giving a print copy of RIBBONS OF MOONLIGHT

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